/Rotary Extreme 86 to 91 RX-7 Hood Damper Kit/

The Rotary Extreme hood damper kit enables you to open the hood without the hood rod which interferes with some parts installation and some stock mount aftermarket intercoolers. The FC Hood damper kit is designed to be installed without any permanent modification to your vehicle or the hood because there is no drilling or cutting involved. The installation can be done with simple hand tools in 15 min.

To install - Bolt the CNC machined brackets onto the hood hinges with the longer M6 flange head bolts provided, replace the fender M6 bolt with the custom ball stud provided and snap the hood dampers onto the ball studs and you are done!  It can be used safely with either the stock hood or an aftermarket hood.

The kit includes two dampers, 1 pair CNC machined aluminum brackets with ball studs attached, 2 ball studs for the fenders and
4 longer 6mm bolts to accommodate our brackets. Our aluminum CNC machined hinge brackets use both bolts on the hood so they can be installed without worrying about it slipping out of place, unlike other inferiorly designed damper kits which use just one bolt.   


2nd Gen FC RX-7 Hood Damper Kit

FC cars have 3 shock force options - "Steel", "Aluminum" and "CF / FRP" hoods. Please specify which hood you have when ordering.
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2nd Gen FC RX-7 Hood Damper Kit -

2nd Gen FC RX-7 Hood Damper Kit -

2nd Gen FC RX-7 Hood Damper Kit - CF / FRP HOOD

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